Glasgow Select Choir, November 1879: the Prize Part Song

A short article on page four of The Glasgow Herald, on Saturday the 29th of November, 1879, reads:


GLASGOW SELECT CHOIR. – The concert to be given to-night in St Andrew’s Hall by the Glasgow Select Choir

promises to be one of unusual interest. Some time ago the management of this society offered a handsome fee for

a “prize part song.” No fewer than 137 original compositions were sent in. The judges nominated were Sir Julius

Benedict and Messrs Henry Leslie and F. Archer. We understand that the judges have fixed on the prize part song

set to the words beginning “Away to the Hunt” as the best of the large number received. After this prize part song

has been sung to-night, “the envelope bearing the motto of the successful competitor will be opened and name

announced.” The programme includes several compositions to be sung for the first time in Glasgow. Mr Archer

will play two solos on the grand organ.”


An article on the concert is on page four of the Herald, on Monday the 1st of December. Mr Henry Lahee, of London,

was the winner. This was Henry Lahee (1826-1912), an organist, professor and composer, who was a victor in numerous

prize competitions. The Herald comments: “Mr Lahee has previously written some excellent vocal music, and his good

fortune in this case will not lessen his good name.”