Glasgow Y.M.C.A. Music Classes, Closing Concert, March the 31st, 1898

From page six of The Glasgow Herald, on Friday the 1st of April, 1898:


“GLASGOW Y.M.C.A MUSIC CLASSES. – The music classes of the Glasgow United Young Men’s Christian Association gave their closing concert last night in the City Hall. These classes are formed in order to provide pupils with a practical musical education, and enable them to take an effective part in the psalmody of the congregation or to become efficient members of a choir or choral society; and to create a taste for good music, and maintain an interest in the rudimentary studies. A classical work is rehearsed each season and performed at the final concert. Last night Handel’s ‘Samson’ was given, and the performance was most satisfactory. Mr R. L. Reid, the conductor, had a large choir to control, but he managed to keep his forces well in hand, and each number was sung in a manner which was creditable to all concerned. The principals were Miss Jenny Taggart, who sang the soprano items with distinct success; and Miss Helen G. Mainds, contralto; Mr Stuart Moncur, tenor; and Mr James Fleming, bass, all of whom sustained their parts with much acceptance. Mr William J. Clapperton presided at the organ. There was a crowded audience, and the performance of the oratorio was greatly enjoyed.”