Grand Concert for the Benefit of the Asylum for the Houseless Poor, February 2nd 1842

An advertisement on page three of The Glasgow Herald, Monday the 7th of January 1842, announced the above concert, which was to be held at the City Hall on Wednesday the 2nd of February. It was arranged under the patronage of the Lord Provost, James Campbell, and “the principal Gentlemen of the City.” Campbell was President, and the Stewards included: Archibald Alison; John Houldsworth, Cranston Hill; Robert Finlay, Easter Hill; William Graham, Jun., Lancefield; Robert Bartholomew; William Gray, Lord Dean of Guild; William Smith, Carbeth-Guthrie; James Campbell, Moore Park; Robert McHaffie; J. R. Denniston; Archibald Smith; Robert Dalglish; William Leckie Ewing; William Campbell, Tilliechewan Castle; William Brown, Kilmardinny; and Mungo Campbell.


The performers were: “the Professional Musicians of the City” who “tendered their services gratuitously for the Orchestral part of the Entertainment”, and they were to be assisted by: Mr. and Mrs. Edmunds (of the ?Phillot, London); Miss Yaniewicz; Mr. Drechsler; and La Countessa Bevilacqua Lazise.


At the end of the advert, the organisers commented: “As the object of this Charity must call forth the sympathy of all classes of the community, the Committee earnestly hope that the call may be literally responded to.”


There is a review of the concert in the Herald, on page 2, Friday 4th of February.



George Fairfull-Smith, January 2020.