Grand Morning Concert, at the Merchants’ Hall, on Saturday the 12th of May, 1855

In an advertisement of page one of The Glasgow Herald, on Monday the 7th of May, 1855, John Muir Wood informed readers that he had “been instructed to announce” the Grand Morning Concert, which would take place on the 12th. The “artistes” included Madame Alboni, Madlle. Jenny Bauer, Herr Ernst, Signor Lorenzo, Mr. J. L Hatton, and Mr. Land. The concert was scheduled to start at 2pm, and tickets and programmes were available at J. Muir Wood & Co.’s, Buchanan Street.


Under ‘Popular Entertainments’, on page five of the same issue of the paper is the following:


Merchants’ Hall. – Mr. Muir Wood has announced a grand morning concert for Saturday first, in the above elegant hall, at which Herr Ernst, one of the greatest of living violinists, and Madame Alboni, the greatest of contralto singers, will give their services. These artistes, who will then make their second appearance in this city, have established themselves so thoroughly in the good opinion of the musical public of all the capitals of Europe, that we do not require to use many words in describing their merits. Ernst may have an equal but he has no superior, and Alboni is the one great contralto. Four other artistes will accompany them, but we need only mention one, viz.: – Mr. J. L. Hatton, whose singing of “The Little, Fat, Grey Man,” at the last concert given here by the Madrigal Union, caused roars of laughter. Such artistes will not, we think, require to sing to empty benches.”