Ida Haendel’s First Performance in Glasgow, February 1938

Ida Haendel, who was born in 1928, made her first appearance in Glasgow on Wednesday the 16th of February 1938, as part of the International Celebrity Concerts at St. Andrew’s Hall. Newspaper advertisements, such as the one on page 11 of the 15th of February’s edition of The Glasgow Herald, described her as the: “WONDER POLISH GIRL VIOLINIST” and “THE SENSATION OF THE LONDON SEASON.”


Also making their first appearance in Glasgow. in the same concert, was the soprano. Beniamina Pinza, “FAMOUS SOPRANO From the Principal Opera Houses of the World.” She was the sister of Ezio Pinza (1892-1957), the Italian opera singer.


The Herald’s review on the 17th of February, page 13, commented:


“Two artists, both new to Glasgow, provided the programme at last night’s Celebrity concert. Ida Haendel, the young Polish violinist, is already known through her successful appearances a year ago in London. Beniamina Pinza, an Italian operatic soprano, is paying her first visit to this country. St. Andrew’s Hall was not as well filled as usual.”


The Herald’s Music Critic wrote: “Ida Haendel is not yet half way through her teens, but she is already a brilliant player and applies herself to such works as the ‘Devil’s Trill,’ sonata of Tartini and the Bach Chaconne with a quiet confidence that is in itself attractive. On the artistic side her playing is notable for breadth of style and the fullness of tone that must go with a warm temperament. But there was room in last night’s performances for more subtlety in the treatment of both Tartini and Bach, and the Chaconne, admirable as a clean and true achievement for so young a player, was musically not quite so good.”


“Her group of solos … showed a more responsive quality in lighter music. If she can develop her insight into bigger things she will find a rare employment for her real gifts as a violinist.”


The paper’s comments on Beniamina Pinza can be found elsewhere on this site.