Inauguration and Opening of the Queen’s Rooms, West End Park, Glasgow, on Saturday the 1st of January, 1859

On Friday the 31st of December, 1858, The Glasgow Herald published two advertisements on the front page, informing its readers about the imminent opening of the Queen’s Rooms. Admission was one shilling, and sixpence for children.


The opening concert featured: Mademoiselle Vaneri, who was advertised as the “Principal Soprano from Drury Lane Operas,” and was only performing on the opening night. The other participants included: Miss Theresa Jeffreys, of St. James’s Hall Concerts; Mr. Augustus Braham, “Glasgow’s Favourite Tenor;” Mr. T. Grattan Kelly, “Basso Profundo, Drury Lane;” and Master Carl Rosi, “The Celebrated Boy Violinist.” Mrs. Alexander was to play the Grand Pianoforte, and Mr. Thomas McFarlane the Grand Organ.


The young violinist was born in Hamburg in 1842, and named Karl August Nikolaus Rose. He later became renowned as the operatic entrepreneur, Carl Rosa.


Reserved seats (Balconies) were three shillings. First seats (Area) were two shillings, and Second Seats (Gallery) were one shilling. Tickets were available at Mr. Swan’s Music Warehouse, 209 Sauchiehall Street, and the “Union” Office (the Abstainers’ Union, according to the 1859-60 Post-Office Directory), 118 Union Street. Plans, showing the Sittings could be seen at both places. The organ performance commenced at 7.30, and the singing at 8. The “Carriages to be ordered at Ten o’ clock.”


On page four of the 31st’s Herald, is the following:


“QUEEN’S ROOMS. – We beg to remind our readers of the opening of these rooms to-morrow afternoon. In the evening a grand concert will take place, at which several talented vocalists will appear. Amongst the names announced is that of Mdlle. Vaneri, whose appearance at the City Hall Concerts has been a great success. We have no doubt that the simple mention of this talented lady’s name alone will insure a large assemblage of spectators in the Queen’s Rooms to-morrow evening.”