January 1871: Death of Miss Helen Kirk, Contralto

A notice on page four of The Glasgow Herald, on Tuesday the 31st of January, 1871, reads:


DEATH OF MISS HELEN KIRK. – It will be observed from our obituary that Miss Helen

Kirk died yesterday morning at her residence in South Portland Street, Glasgow. This

announcement will take many by surprise, and occasion a general feeling of regret in Glasgow

and many other towns throughout the kingdom. Miss Kirk was trained as a vocalist by Mr

Lambeth, under the auspices of the Glasgow Abstainers’ Union, and made her début at the

Saturday Evening Concerts in the year 1861. Possessing a contralto voice of considerable

power and excellent quality, Miss Kirk soon attained a good position on the lyric stage. She

was one of our best ballad singers, and as an interpreter of Scots songs she had no equal.”


The notice of her death is on page five of the newspaper.


“At 79 South Portland Street, on the 30th inst., MISS HELEN DRYSDALE KIRK, vocalist.”



George Fairfull-Smith, August 2022.