January 1912: City Hall Concerts – Miss Jessie Maclachlan, Miss Carmen Hill, Miss Elsie Jones, Mr Marcus Thomson, Mr Mackenzie Murdoch, Mr Alexander McCredie, and Mr Crossland Hirst

A short article on page five of The Glasgow Herald, on Monday the 8th of January, 1912, reads:




A programme composed principally of selected Scots songs was given at the concert in the City Hall

on Saturday night under the auspices of the Glasgow Abstainers’ Union. Miss Jessie Maclachlan, who

is well known as a Scots and Gaelic singer, was heard in a number of favourite ballads, her singing of

which was received with much favour. Contralto songs were sung with fine effect by Miss Carmen Hill,

and Miss Elsie Jones, a pleasing soprano, also delighted with her singing. Mr Marcus Thomson’s fine

baritone voice was heard to advantage in several solo items, and he also took part with Miss Hill in a

duet, ‘Good Night, Dear Heart.’ The violin solos of Mr Mackenzie Murdoch formed a pleasing variation

of an excellent programme, which was further enhanced by the tenor songs of Mr Alexander McCredie.

The accompanist was Mr Crossland Hirst.”



George Fairfull-Smith, April 2023.