January 1921: French Songs at the Athenaeum

A short article on page five of The Glasgow Herald, on Tuesday the 11th of January, 1921, reads:




The special course of free lectures arranged by the governors of the Athenaeum for their French

students to be delivered over the next four months is of exceptional interest, not only in the matter

of language and literature but also from the artistic point of view. The governors are particularly

fortunate in having Mlle. Madeleine James, who holds the diploma of the Schola Cantorum of

Paris, to deliver the opening lecture to-night (Tuesday); at eight o’clock, in the Faculty Hall, St

George’s Place. She has chosen for her subject ‘French Song in the Nineteenth and Twentieth

Centuries,’ and will herself sing numerous illustrations. Those who had the good fortune to hear

her deal with ‘French Song in the Sixteenth, Seventeenth, and Eighteenth Centuries’ know how

capable she is of making such a subject interesting and enjoyable. The lectures are open to the

public at a small charge.”



There is an article about the lecture-recital, on page sixteen of The Glasgow Herald, on Wednesday

the 12th. Comments include:


“With a soprano voice of wide range and fine quality, used with artistic discretion, Mlle. James made

her vocal illustrations very impressive, being specially effective in the interpretation of songs that

called for dramatic singing. The lecture and the recital gave enjoyment to a large audience”