January 1921: Scottish Home Rule Association – Burns Recital in the Berkeley Hall – Dr Isabella Mears, Edinburgh, Presided

A short article on page sixteen of The Glasgow Herald, on Wednesday the 12th of January, 1921, reads:




An audience which filled the Berkeley Hall, Glasgow, last night enjoyed very greatly an entertainment

promoted by the Scottish Home Rule Association. It took the form of a recital of Scottish song,

particularly the songs of Burns. The Rev. James Barr gave a comprehensive sketch of the poet’s life,

narrated a number of his poems, epitaphs, and songs, and touched upon the outstanding traits of his

character, and between the three sections into which the lecture was divided appropriate Scottish

music was rendered by Dr Bell’s choir. Lecture and music were alike appreciated. Dr Isabella Mears,

Edinburgh, presided, and at the outset made brief reference to the objects of the association, appealing

for support of the movement for Scottish Home Rule.”