January 1926: Two Recitals by Mrs Kennedy Fraser, in the Lyric Theatre, on the 13th and 15th

There is an advertisement on page eleven of The Glasgow Herald , on Tuesday the 12th of January, 1926, for two recitals of

Songs of the Hebrides, to be given by Mrs Kennedy Fraser, on Wednesday the 13th and Friday the 15th. The Lyric Theatre

was the venue.


Readers were informed that the programmes were drawn mainly from “the new FOURTH Volume, JUST OUT”, and

“All information from PATERSON & SONS, 152 Buchanan Street.”


A review is on page seven of the Herald, on Thursday the 14th. There is a reference to the newspaper’s recent review of the

fourth work of the series.



It is worth noting that sometimes the performer’s surname is spelt without the hyphen.



George Fairfull-Smith, March 2022.