January 1928: Glasgow (5SC) Broadcasting – Concert Arranged by Provand’s Lordship Club, Relayed from Provand’s Lordship

An advertisement on page two of the Nottingham Journal, on Friday the 6th of January, 1928, reads:


“GLASGOW (5SC).—405.4m. 740kc.).

… 9.35—11.0—Concert arranged by Provand’s Lordship Club, relayed from Provand’s Lordship, Glasgow. Chairman,

Sir John Stirling-Maxwell. Double quartet from Pantheon Opera Club; R. B. Wharrie (reading); William Alexander

(baritone); Jean Wilson (soprano); Elizabeth Buchanan (lute solos); George Henry Martin (tenor) ‘Mary Queen of

Scots in Glasgow’ (historical episode, dramatised by A. Gibson). ‘A dinner party at the Saracen’s Head’ (Dreda Boyd).”



The British Newspaper Archive.



George Fairfull-Smith, June 2024.