William Lang, Confectioner, Queen Street: Jenny Lind’s Wine and Tea Biscuits, September 1847 Advertisment in ‘The Glasgow Herald’

William Lang, Confectioner, 73 Queen Street, introduced the public to this delicious biscuit, in an advertisement in The Glasgow Herald, Friday 24th September, 1847, page three, and had the satisfaction in letting them know that Mademoiselle Lind “in her own hand-writing to him, signified her unqualified approval of them.” He will at all times have a supply of the biscuit, “so much adapted for the  Tea Table, and will continue to put the same ingredients into them that has called forth the approbation of the fair Songstress.” Lang reminded his customers and the public about the other goods he stocked, and concluded the advert: “N.B. – Jenny Lind’s note to Mr. Lang may be seen in his shop.”