Jessie N. Maclachlan, 1892: Her Post-Mod Success

An article on page two of The Greenock Telegraph and Clyde Shipping Gazette, on Monday the 3rd of October, 1892, reads:


“It appears that the West Highlands of Scotland have once more produced a famous vocalist. Miss Jessie Maclachlan, who

has frequently appeared in the Town Hall of Greenock, is creating a furore as an interpreter of Gaelic balladry. She has

caught the ear of Majesty itself, and the other evening at Balmoral sang several songs in the language of Ossian and also in

the homely doric of the lowland Scot. The Queen is said to have been highly pleased with Miss Maclachlan’s efforts; and no

doubt the distinction of singing at Court will bring much grist to the vocalist’s mill in the coming season. By the way, could

not the gentlemen who are managing the Greenock Saturday afternoon recitals secure her attendance at one of the ensuing

season’s entertainments? A leading English evening journal, referring to Miss Maclachlan, says she ‘is coming to the front

as a Gaelic singer. Songs in Gaelic do not often appear on modern programmes, but at Oban lately she created quite a

sensation. The Duke of Argyll has taken her up, and all the kilted notables of the North are discovering long-disremembered

delight in Gaelic words and melodies.’ “