Journeymen Baker’s Society of Glasgow: Centenary Soiree and Concert, October 1865

From page five of The Glasgow Herald, on Thursday the 5th of October, 1865, is the following:


“CENTENARY SOIREE AND CONCERT. – Last night the Journeymen’s Baker’s Society of Glasgow celebrated the centenary of their corporation by a soiree and concert in the Trades’ Hall. There was a large attendance, chiefly of members of the trade, with their families and friends. Mr. William Armour occupied the chair, and after tea delivered an interesting address, in the course of which he said that, on the 4th of October, 1765, the journeymen bakers, when there could only have been between 50 and 60 in the city, formed the society over which he now had the honour to preside, and the benefits of which they now so largely enjoyed. A very happy evening was spent throughout a large and well arranged programme, comprising vocal and instrumental music – the latter by the Band of the 19th L.R.V., and addresses by the Rev. Robert Stevenson and Mr. Mackie.”