June 1912: The Govanhill Band Stand

An article on page five of The Glasgow Herald, on Monday the 3rd of June, 1912, reads:



The new band stand erected in Govanhill Recreation Ground, Glasgow, was formally opened on

Saturday afternoon by Mr William Lorimer, LL.D. There was a large attendance. Councillor

Drummond presided, and among those present were Mr William Lorimer, LL.D.; Bailie Pratt,

Councillor Morton, ex-Bailie Calderwood, Mr James Whitton, Mr John Mitchell, Mr T. Logie, Dr

Burges, and Dr Leask. The Chairman acknowledged their indebtedness to Mr Lorimer, who had

contributed £170 towards the cost of the band stand. Mr Lorimer, in declaring the band stand

opened, said that the Corporation devoted themselves with great zeal to very many activities on

behalf of the citizens, and it was just possible that there might be some difference of opinion as

to the expediency and wisdom of some of those, but there could be absolutely no difference of

opinion as to the expediency and wisdom of providing open-air music for the people in the various

districts in Glasgow. He would like if occasionally the bands would play choruses in which the

children could join in singing and music to which the children could dance. It was only fair and

reasonable that the music should be presented in a form agreeable and helpful to everybody.

Bailie Pratt also expressed their gratitude to Mr Lorimer for all he had done for them, and on his

suggestion three cheers were given for that gentleman. Brief addresses were also given by

Councillor Morton and Mr John Mitchell.”