Let’s Not Forget Mr John Cullen, Well-Known Glasgow Musician, Who Died in May 1922

An obituary on page six of The Glasgow Herald, on Tuesday the 16th of May, 1922, reads:





We regret to announce the death yesterday at his residence, 162 Nithsdale Road,

Pollokshields, of Mr John Cullen after a short illness.


Mr Cullen, who was a schoolmaster by profession, had for many years taken a

prominent part in the musical life of Glasgow and neighbourhood and found in this

way an outlet for real musical gifts. He was favourably known as a composer and

arranger of part-songs, such numbers as ‘The Bells of Shandon’ and ‘The Barrin’ o’

the Door’ being widely sung, but he was more actively engaged as a trainer and

conductor of choral bodies. During his long association with the Pollokshields

Philharmonic Society, he produced many of the larger choral works with orchestra,

and the concerts of this organisation were a recognised part of Glasgow’s musical

season. He also conducted the Glasgow Glee and Catch Club for many years,

succeeding the late Mr Taggart in that office. In more recent times he was increasingly

occupied in administrative work on behalf of music, devoting much of his time and

energies and also his invaluable experience as a teacher to the furtherance of musical

appreciation. In this connection his efforts on behalf of the better teaching of music in

the public schools deserves to be specially mentioned. As supervisor of music to the

Renfrewshire Education Authority and as Convenor of the School Music Committee of

the Glasgow branch of the British Music Society, he did much valuable work, and he was

also in great request as an adjudicator at musical competition festivals. Of a kindly

disposition and possessed by a quiet but keen enthusiasm for music he had many friends

and will be greatly missed. His two daughters, Miss Jenny Cullen, violinist, and Miss Ailie

Cullen, pianist, have inherited his musical gifts and are well known in local musical circles.

Miss Jenny Cullen, who has been in Australia for some seven years, is at present on her way

home and should shortly reach Glasgow. Mr Cullen was in his 64th year.”


The notice of John Cullen’s death is on the front page of this issue of the Herald.