Madame (Mademoiselle) Vaneri at the Saturday Evening Concerts in the City Hall, on the 4th of December 1858: Her First Appearance in Glasgow

An advertisement on the front page of The Glasgow Herald, on Friday the 3rd of December, 1858, informed readers that Saturday’s

concert would feature the “First Appearance in Glasgow of the distinguished London Soprano, MADAME VANERI.”


It was also to be Madame Poma’s last appearance, and the first appearance of Mr. Horace Vernon, tenor.



A review of the concert is on page five of the Herald, on Monday the 6th of December.  It reads:




The City Hall was again crowded to excess last Saturday evening. The programme was a very attractive one, and

the vocalists on this occasion were Mdlle. Vaneri, Madame Poma, Miss Grace Alleyne, Mr. H. Vernon, Mr. G.

Tedder, and Mr. Maclagan. It is almost superfluous to say that with such a display of talent the large assemblage

was quite delighted, and bursts of applause greeted the performers during the evening. Mdlle. Vaneri, who

made her first appearance on the London boards some months ago, is a most accomplished vocalist, with a fine

soprano voice. She appeared somewhat timid in the early part of the evening, but latterly sang with great spirit

and feeling. In the scena, Sorte e la Notte, Mdlle. Vaneri acquitted herself admirably, and was rapturously

encored. But, indeed, when all were so good, it is difficult to find fault; and while the directors of these concerts

continue to introduce such talent as they have done this season, there is little doubt of the success of these

excellent Saturday evening amusements.”



It is worth pointing out that her title is sometimes given as “madame”, while she is more often “mademoiselle”.



George Fairfull-Smith, August 2022.