March 1864: Glasgow Society – Glasgow Assemblies – First Assembly of the Season, in the Queen’s Rooms

An article on page four of The Glasgow Herald, on Friday the 4th of March, 1864, reads:




The first assembly of the season came off last night in the Queen’s Rooms, and was one of the most brilliant that

has ever taken place in our city. No assembly was held last season, which may seem rather surprising, considering

that Glasgow has attained so fair a fame for hospitality and gaiety, and this may account for the great success attending

the first of this season. We understand a new committee had the entire arrangement and management, and we are glad

that their labours have been so signally crowned with success. The rooms selected by the committee were the two lower

halls, and these in preference to the large hall of the Queen’s Rooms, which we think was a decided improvement. No doubt,

at first the rooms were a little crowded, which occasioned some complaint, but still the dancing seemed to be no way thereby

impeded. We understand also that the committee did not anticipate so large an attendance, and had at the last hour to issue

additional tickets. The halls were beautifully decorated by Messrs. Wylie & Lochhead, Buchanan Street, who seemed to have

spared no pains and trouble in making them as attractive as possible. The music was, as usual, under the superintendence of

Mr. Adams, and was very good. A carefully prepared programme had been arranged by the committee, including selections

from Prean, Strauss, Browne, Coote, Bosisio, &c. Mr. Wilson, of West Nile Street, had the charge of the refreshments, which

were all that could be desired. We cannot furnish anything like a correct list of those present; but the names annexed may be

sufficient to show how fashionable and numerous the attendance has been.


LADIES.—Mrs. A. H. Dennistoun, Mrs. William Hamilton, and the Misses Hamilton; Mrs. Buchanan, of Wellshot, and Miss

Buchanan; Mrs. Couper, Mrs. Ronaldson, and the Misses Ronaldson; Mrs. Farie, of Farm, and Miss Farie; Mrs. Young, Langbank;

Mrs. Walter Paterson, and Misses Paterson and party; Mrs. Archd. Orr Ewing, Mrs. A. G. Brown, Mrs. John N. Graham, Mrs. Robt.

Graham, and Miss Graham; Mrs. Robt. Alston, Mrs. Blackburn, Mrs. Maxwell, Mrs. Geo. Alston, Mrs. R. S. Reid, Mrs. Mungo

Campbell, Mrs. N. Robson, Mrs. Campbell, Mrs. Haddow, Mrs. Borran, Mrs. Martin, Mrs. Carter, and Miss Carter; Miss Borran,

Mrs. C. McLean, Mrs. H. E. C. Ewing, jun.; Miss Watson, Miss Jane Sandeman, Misses Trevor, Miss Dalglish, Miss Bell, the Misses

Crawford, of Thornwood; Miss Smith, Miss Gore Booth, Miss Hamilton, Hafton; Miss Kinnear, Miss McCall, of Daldowie; Miss

Webster, Miss L. Finlay, Miss L. Dennistoun, Miss White, Miss Kerr, Miss Hadden, Miss Helen Dunlop, Miss Pollock, Miss Simpson,

Miss Martin, Miss Crum, Miss Auld, Miss S. A. Auld, Misses Houldsworth, Miss Smith, Miss Best, &c., &c.


GENTLEMEN.—Robt. Alston, Esq.; A. Ronaldson, Esq.; Archd. Orr Ewing, Esq.; Neil Robson, Esq.; Peter Simpson, Esq.; Professor

Blackburn, Robert Kerr, Esq., of Auchenraith; Lieut.-Colonel Young, Walter Paterson, Esq.; J. L. Hadden, Esq.; Geo. Alston, Esq.;

Capt. Barry R. Kidston, Esq.; Col. Maxwell, C.B.; Captain Campbell, of Glendaruel; James Stirling, Esq.; Robert V. Reid, Esq.; C. T.

Couper, Esq.; J. H. Houldsworth, Esq.; Henry McCall, Esq.; Mungo Campbell, jun., Esq.; James Addie, Esq., Viewpark; John Addie,

Esq.; William Alston, Esq.; George Fairie, Esq.; James Farie, Esq.; Henry Houldsworth, Esq.; A. H. Dennistoun, Esq.; Andw. Macredie,

Esq.; Alex. Crum, Esq.; George McCall, Esq.; H. E. Crum Ewing, jun., Esq.; T. G. Buchanan, Esq. of Wellshot; George Yuille Strang, Esq.;

Michael J. Jamieson, Esq.; Charles Stirling, Esq.; Dr. McCall Anderson, Frederick McCall, Esq.; Major Finlay, Capt. Boyd, Lawrence

Robertson, jun., Esq.; R. H. Robertson, Esq.; Robert Dalglish, jun., Esq.; Walter E. Crum, Esq.; C. Fitzwilliam, Esq.; Allan Graham, Esq.;

William Gibb, Esq.; Capt. H. B. Dunlop, W. B. Dunlop, Esq.; Robert Dunlop, Esq.; Alexander Abercromby, Esq,; Capt. O. Connor, E.

Higginbotham, Esq.; J. E. Higginbotham, Esq.; Robert Dalglish, Esq., M.P.; C. T. Higginbotham, Esq.; Thos. Houldsworth Esq., Col.

Wilkie, J. C. Bolton, Esq.; Charles Higginbotham, Esq.; Wm. C. Black, Esq.; C. M. King, Esq.; Robert King, Esq.; Professor Thomson,

Capt. Allan, W. H. Hill, Esq.; Robert Davidson, Esq.; A. McClelland, Esq.; C. H. Smith, Esq.; R. Robson, Esq., &c., &c.”




George Fairfull-Smith, August 2023.