March 1865: Booksellers and Stationers’ Soiree, on Tuesday the 14th of March, in the Merchants’ Hall, Hutcheson Street, with Performances by Miss Helen Kirk, and Mr. and Mrs. William Baynham, Among Others

An article on page four of The Glasgow Herald, on Wednesday the 15th of March, 1865, reads:




The first annual soiree and concert of the booksellers and stationers of Glasgow was held last

night in the Merchants’ Hall, which was completely crowded on the occasion. In the absence

of the Lord Provost, the chair was occupied by Mr. David Robertson, and on the platform

amongst others were – Messrs. James MacLehose, Thomas Murray, J. S. Marr, W. Porteous,

T. Porteus, W. Fletcher, Neilson, Bruce, Knox, Brodie, McLaren, Love, Reith, Blair, Holmes,

Donaldson, Speirs, &c. Tea having been served, the Chairman addressed the meeting. An address

was afterwards delivered by the Rev. Walter C. Smith. The musical portion of the programme

was sustained by Miss Helen Kirk, Mr. Hoffman, Mr. Stirling, Mr. Middleton, and an efficient

glee party, Mr. Colgan officiating as pianist. In addition to the performances of these artists,

some admirable recitations were given during the evening by Mr. and Mrs. Walter Baynham.”