March 1883: Children’s Fancy Dress Ball, in St Andrew’s Hall

An article on page four of The Glasgow Herald, on Thursday the 22nd of March, 1883, reads:


CHILDREN’S FANCY  DRESS BALL. – A children’s fancy dress ball on a large scale is somewhat

of a novelty, and the chances of the success of such a venture may at first sight be regarded as at least

doubtful. So much depends not only upon the assumption of appropriate characters, but upon their

proper portrayal by the youthful actors, that the risk of failure is considerable. The experiment made

last night by the pupils of Mr R. S. Thomson proved, however, that the difficulties of the case can be

overcome, and that a boys’ and girls’ fancy ball can be made as successful and enjoyable as a masquerade

in which children of a larger growth occupy the floor. No better ball room could be desired than the large

St Andrew’s Hall, and there last night some hundreds of Mr Thomson’s pupils, accompanied by their older

friends, and dressed in every conceivable variety of costume, circled round in ‘the mirthful maze’ until a

late hour in the evening. A large number of the parents of the pupils occupied seats in the galleries, and

when the floor was fully engaged the spectacle which the room presented was brilliant and interesting in

the highest degree.”



On page 541 of the Post Office Glasgow Directory for 1882-1883: Robert S. Thomson, professor of dancing and calisthenics,

Queen’s Rooms and Burgh Hall, Hillhead; residence, 8 Prince’s Street, West.