March 1883: Glasgow Singers Perform at the Sacred Concert in Rutherglen

An article on page four of The Glasgow Herald, on Thursday the 22nd of March, 1883, reads:


RUTHERGLEN. – SACRED CONCERT. – Last night, the members of the Rutherglen United

Bible Class gave a concert of sacred music in the Town Hall, in aid of the proposed new Gospel

and Temperance Institute. There was a large and appreciative audience. The programme consisted

of Root’s* sacred cantata ‘Under the Palms; or the Jewish Flower Feast,’ and was fairly well handled

by the choristers. The solos received a careful rendering by Miss Kilgour, Glasgow; Miss Rodger,

Glasgow; Mr D. Neilson and Mr Macdonald, Glasgow. Mr John Craig acted as conductor.”


*In the newspaper column, the print is not too clear in some sections, and the composer’s name appears to

have been spelt as Rost, or Roat. I have used the correct spelling.