March 1917: Concert by Dr John Bell’s Choir, in the Berkeley Hall, with Miss Florence McBride

An article on page five of The Glasgow Herald, on Wednesday the 7th of March, 1917, reads:




It is not easy at present to maintain the balance of parts in choirs who devote themselves to

part-singing, but the choir conducted by Dr John Bell, whose concert was given in the Berkeley

Hall, Glasgow, last night seems to have fairly well withstood the drain on male voices due to

military calls. Their singing at all events was well up to the standard that Dr Bell has directed in

previous years, and it obviously gave much enjoyment to a large audience. Scottish pieces formed

no small part of the programme in which were also familiar part-songs by Barnby and Pinsuti, but

the Scottish numbers received the best rendering and warmest reception. Choirs that help to foster

a love of the music of our country deserve to be encouraged, and Dr Bell is one of those whose

musical sympathies are broad enough not to exclude the lyrical gems of our own land. Several

members of the choir contributed songs, and violin solos were played by Miss Florence McBride.

Mrs McGill was accompanist.”



The above-mentioned part-song composers: Sir Joseph Barnby (1838-96) and Ciro Pinsuti (1829-88).


An advertisement for the concert can be found on the front page of the Herald, on Monday the 5th of March.



George Fairfull-Smith, April 2023.