March 1926: The Ingram Choir – Concert in the Lyric Theatre

An article on page six of The Glasgow Herald, on Friday the 26th of March, 1926, reads:




Presenting an all-Scottish programme, the Ingram Choir – a body of seventy singers drawn

from the employees of Messrs Campbells and Stewart and McDonald (Limited), warehousemen –

gave an enjoyable concert in the Lyric Theatre, Glasgow, last night before a large audience.

Throughout a testing programme of Scots part songs they showed themselves a well-balanced

combination of promising quality, and responisve to the capable conducting of Mr William

Nisbet – to whose work for the choir Sir Andrew Pettigrew paid tribute during an interval in

the programme. For the first time at the annual concert the choir relied on its own membership

for the soloists, and the experiment was justified by the fine singing of Miss Morag Cameron,

Miss Jenny McAthey, Miss Mary Hill, Miss Amy Fleming, Mr George Stewart, and Mr William

G. Thomson, with Miss Agnes McKay at the piano. Mr William McCulloch contributed some excellent

humorous readings.”