March 1931: Modern British Songs – A Lecture by Mr George Dodds, of Newcastle, at a Meeting of the Incorporated Society of Musicians, Held in the Ca’doro

An article on page ten of The Glasgow Herald, on Monday the 23rd of March, 1931, reads:




Mr George Dodds, of Newcastle, delivered a lecture on ‘Modern British Songs’ at a meeting

of the Incorporated Society of Musicians held in the Ca’doro, Glasgow, on Saturday afternoon

under the presidency of Mr Gilbert J. Ferrier.


Mr Dodds prefaced his lecture with an interesting reference to the musical glories of the Tudor

period and the lutenist song-writers, whose music has suffered so many centuries of neglect. He said

that much of the credit for the present revival of interest in British music was due to the efforts of

Parry, Stanford, and Mackenzie, and began his recital of modern British songs with two examples

each of Parry and Stanford, thus leading to contemporary writers. Songs by Elgar, Quilter, Gardiner,

Dale, Vaughan Williams, Holst, and Peter Warlock were sung with great artistry by Mr Dodds.

Outstanding items were ‘Come Away, Death,’ by Benjamin Dale, and ‘To the Dawn’ of Holst. Miss

Mollie Davie was a most efficient accompanist.”



George Fairfull-Smith, April 2023.