May 1931: “Teaching Children Rhythm” – A Talk and Demonstration by Miss Louie de Rusette, London

A short article on page ten of The Glasgow Herald, on Monday the 1st of June, 1931, reads:




The rapidly growing movement of children’s percussion bands was the subject of a talk and

demonstration given on Saturday in the Stevenson Hall of the Scottish National Academy of

Music, Glasgow. The lecturer was Miss Louie de Rusette, London, who was assisted by Miss

Margaret L. Jardine. Miss Agnes Millar, who presided, described percussion bands as a

mental health movement for children. Classes in three stages were then given lessons before

the audience, showing how progression was made in the teaching from pulse training and

nursery rhyme tunes to orchestration of classical music and reading from score.”



Publications by Louie E. (Emily) de Rusette, A.R.C.M., include: Children’s Percussion Bands, 1930, second

edition; Dulcimer Stories: Music and Stories, 1932; and Music Under Eight, 1936.


A search of, in January 2024, found an entry for A Percussion Band Medley, by Louie E. de Rusette.

This sheet music was published by Novello and Company, Limited, London, and amazon includes the quotation:


‘A collection of pieces intended for children aged 6 and up. Five “nursery rhymes”, three “Scottish national melodies”

and three “Dances from other countries.” ‘



George Fairfull-Smith, January 2024.