Mrs. James Brown, Music Seller, 75 Wilson Street, Glasgow, has Just Received New Songs, Quadrilles, etc., etc., February 1831

A large advertisement on page three of the Glasgow Herald, on Monday the 14th of February, 1831, informed readers about the new music received by Mrs. James Brown.


The music listed includes: The Herdsman’s Spring Song, and The Pastor of the Alps, by Stockhausen. Both were 2 shillings each. The “Celebrated Ballad,” We Met, by T. H. Bayly, Esq.,; along with his We Parted (an “Answer” to We Met), and Well I Remember that Meeting. All were two shillings each, as were Lovely May, by Mrs. Milliard; Tartar Drum, by Rodwell; and Hurrah for the King and the Navy, by Blewett.


There was new music for the guitar, and new quadrilles. The latter include Hart’s Queen Adelaide’s Quadrilles, which cost four shillings; and Perry’s Swiss Quadrilles, à la Stockhausen, which appears to have cost three shillings.


Towards the end of the advert, is:


In the Press, and will shortly be Published,

A New Edition of ‘HARMONICA SACRA,’

comprising a selection of the most Popular Ancient

and Modern Psalm and Hymn Tunes.

This edition will contain a variety of new and

original productions, which will not be found in

any other collection than those published by Mrs.



Mrs. Brown had just received “a few FRENCH ORGANS, of various sizes, with three barrels each. Prices moderate,” and was selling a “Large and Select Assortment of NEW PIANO FORTE MUSIC,” by a wide range of composers.


James Brown is listed on page 51, of The Post-Office Annual Directory For 1830-31, as: “music seller, 75 Wilson street, house 55 Glassford street.”

On page 55 of The Post-Office Annual Directory For 1831-32, the entry is for Mrs. James Brown, music seller, at the same addresses.