Music in the Parks, June 1873

On page four of The Glasgow Herald, on Monday the 2nd of June, 1873:


“MUSIC IN THE PARKS. – The open-air concerts in the parks east and west of the city were resumed for the season on Saturday. In the Green, the band of the 31st L.R.V. played a number of selections from 5 till 7 P.M., on a platform erected for the purpose near the Gymnasium. As usual on fine Saturday afternoons, especially when the Volunteers are afield [sic], the Park was crowded, and the music appeared to be much enjoyed. At the close of the performance, Councillor MacBean proposed that a vote of thanks should be awarded the band – a proposal which the assemblage heartily endorsed. The turnout in the West End Park was very large, and consisted for the most part of those for whom these Saturday afternoon entertainments have been specially provided. This year the stand for the accommodation of the band is erected on the west side of the Kelvin, and placed in such a position that the spectators all round can have a view of the performers. The band on Saturday was that of the 105th L.R.V. (Highlanders), and at the conclusion of the proceedings the performers received the hearty applause of those who were present. – We may add that on Friday evening a fine assortment of trout from Ravenscraig, above Gourock, were put into the pond encircling the ornamental fountain in the Park. Some of the fish appeared to be about a pound in weight. It may also be mentioned that the Kelvingrove Museum, to which some very valuable specimens of Scottish birds have just been added, was largely attended on Saturday.”