Musical Arrangements at the Glasgow East-End Industrial Exhibition, December 1896

On Tuesday the 22nd of December, 1896, The Glasgow Herald reported, on page four, that:


“The enterprise of the management of the East-End Industrial Exhibition continues to be well supported. For this week the musical arrangements are of a very attractive description. The vocalists are members and ex-members of the Royal Carl Rosa Opera Company – namely, Mdlle. Marie Titiens, Madame Julia Lennox, Mr R. Cunningham, and Mr A. S. Winkworth – who appear in selections from ‘Faust’ and ‘Maritana,’ while the instrumentalists consist of Mr Cole’s orchestra. Last night the garden scene from ‘Faust’ was given, with Mdlle. Marie Titiens as Margherita [sic], Madame Julia Lennox as Siebel [sic] and Martha [sic], Mr Cunningham as Faust, and Mr Winkworth as Mephistopheles. The vocalists also contributed a number of songs and duets, and the programme was further diversified with selections by the orchestra, and instrumental solos by Messrs Jenner, Green, Waller, and Angless (?: the text is hard to read for the last name). There was a large and appreciative audience.”