“New Music”, at the London Music Warehouse, Buchanan Street, Advertised in the ‘Glasgow Herald’, on Monday the 7th of November, 1831

From page three of the Glasgow Herald, on Monday the 9th of November, 1831:



‘BONNIE JEANIE GRAY,’ a beautiful Scotch

Ballad, with Piano Forte Accompaniments. By

R. WEBSTER. Price 2s.

First Set of ‘Royal Court Quadrilles,’

composed for the Piano Forte, by J. McFadyen, Jun.

Price 2s. 6d.”


The advertisement also refers to “WALTZES a la PAGANINI,” which consisted of “NINE ELEGANT WALTZES,” by various composers, for the Piano Forte. It cost three shillings. A variety of new songs and piano forte music had just arrived from London. Readers were also informed about the range of new and used piano fortes, available at the London Music Warehouse, John McFadyen, Junior, No. 67½, Buchanan Street, “Nearly opposite the Arcade.”