New Music, January 1853: “La Belle de la Bologne”, by Glasgow’s Mr Croshaw Johnson

Among the new music reviewed on page three of The Glasgow Herald, on Monday the 24th of January, 1853, is

La Belle de la Bologne, by Croshaw Johnson. A Fantasia for the piano-forte, it was published by Charles Olivier,



The Herald’s reviewer commented:


“The Fantasia A la Mazurka, which stands last in the above list of new musical publications, has many claims to a

separate paragraph. First, it is the composition of a gentleman who has for several years resided amongst us, and

may almost be called a citizen of Glasgow. It has, however, intrinsic merits which must make it a favourite with all

musicians, whether professional or amateur. The composition is brilliant and varied, and throughout gives

unmistakable evidence of Mr. Johnson’s talent as a composer, and his taste and scientific skill as a harmonist.

‘La  Belle de la Bologne’ should speedily find a place in every musical portfolio.”