New Singing Movement: Lecture by the Rev. John Curwen, of London, at Greyfriars’ Church, October 1855

From page five of The Glasgow Herald, on Monday the 22nd of October, 1855:


New Singing Movement.- The Rev. John Curwen of London delivered a lecture on Friday night at the instance of the U. P. Synod, in Greyfriars’ Church, on the Tonic Sol-fa method of teaching to sing at sight. The attendance was large and very influential. It was evident from the manner in which the company performed the musical exercises which Mr. Curwen required of them, that a very large proportion were well practised singers and leaders of singing. The method which Mr. Curwen advocates is manifestly very simple. He maintains that there is also more of the scientific in its structure than is commonly found in elementary methods. It appears to have made a steady progress in England during the last six or eight years. Four thousand persons (young and old), constantly under instruction in London, and classes of 600 to 1200 Sabbath school teachers and elder scholars in Manchester, are some of the indications of present life in the method. We are glad to see from our advertising columns that two additional lectures will be given on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings in the same place at eight o’clock. The subject is well worthy of the attention of our fellow-citizens.”


The advertisement for the Tuesday and Wednesday lectures is on page two of the same edition of the newspaper. Admission was free.