November 1914: Glasgow Athenaeum Concert

An article on page four of The Glasgow Herald, on Friday the 27th of November, 1914, reads:




There was a large and appreciative audience at the chamber music concert held last night under

the auspices of the Glasgow Athenaeum School of Music. These concerts are arranged as part of

the educational course, and last night’s performance reflected most creditably on the pupils of

the school. Mr Henri Verbrugghen, who conducted the concert, had a cordial reception. The

vocalists were Miss Isa Craig and Miss Janey Horne, and the instrumentalists Mrs Sykes,

Miss Sara Kerr, Miss Alice Christie, Miss Florence McBride, Miss Hilda Bailey, Miss Jessie Greig,

Miss R. MacBrayne, Mr Stirling Paterson, Mr David F. McCallum, and Mr Scott Fleming.”