October 1898: Musical Examinations – Distribution of Certificates – Miss Annie Craig – The Stillie Bursary

An article on page six of The Daily Record, on Wednesday the 19th of October, 1898, reads:






The certificates awarded at the local examinations held in the Glasgow centre under the Associated

Board of the Royal Academy of Music and Royal College of Music, London, were presented to the

successful candidates last night in the Christian Institute, Glasgow, when there was a large attendance,

presided over by Professor John Young, M.D.


Mr. Samuel Aitken, honorary secretary of the Associated Board, gave an account of the system of

examination carried out by the Board, including the elementary examination, the examination in class

singing, and the school and local examinations. He said that Glasgow centre was the largest they had in

the United Kingdom out of London. The Board had also been very successful in the colonies, and locally

they were making a gratifying increase. Miss Annie Craig, Glasgow, he stated, had obtained the Stillie

bursary, and this was the first time it had been won in the United Kingdom. He had decided to mark the

occasion by presenting her also with a silver medal. (Applause.) He wished to remind them that the Prince

of Wales took a real interest in the work of the Board, and as president was no mere figurehead, requiring

him, Mr. Aitken, to send him frequent reports. (Applause.)


The certificates were afterwards presented, and a short musical programme was gone through.”



The British Newspaper Archive.



George Fairfull-Smith, March 2024.