October 1910: “A New Musical Organisation” – the Glasgow Ladies’ String Orchestra

An article in the “Society in Scotland” columns, on page 784 (page 56, in The British Newspaper Archive), of The Queen,

The Lady’s Newspaper (The Queen, in The British Newspaper Archive), on Saturday the 29th of October, 1910, reads:


Glasgow Ladies’ String Orchestra.


A new musical organisation has recently sprung into being in Glasgow under the title of the Glasgow Ladies’

String Orchestra. The president is Lady Bilsland, the hon. president M. Henri Verbrugghen, and the conductor

Miss Hilda Bailey, L.R.A.M., under whose able leadership the enthusiastic members anticipate a season of

serious work in the study of music composed for strings. Several concerts will probably be given by the new

orchestra in the course of the winter, and to these the musical public of Glasgow looks forward with interest as

providing a somewhat novel feature in the musical prospectus for the season.”



The British Newspaper Archive.



George Fairfull-Smith, June 2024.