October 1912: The Beltane Society – Annual Festival, in the Athenaeum Hall

A short article, on page two of the Daily Record and Mail (Daily Record, in The British Newspaper Archive) on

Wednesday the 23rd of October, 1912, reads:




For their annual festival, which will be held in the Athenaeum Hall, to-night and Saturday night, the Beltane Society

have arranged an attractive programme of folk songs, dances and children’s games.


The admirable work of the society in collecting these songs and dance tunes of the people is regarded with growing

importance nowadays, and it is creditable to find in Glasgow such a powerful agency as the Beltane Society for the

preservation of these expressions of the soul of the people of the past. Miss Jenny Taggart and Mr. Robert Burnett are

the vocalists.”




The British Newspaper Archive.




George Fairfull-Smith, June 2024.