Polytechnic Exhibition, Argyll Street, January 1867

An article on page four of The Glasgow Herald, on Monday the 28th of January, 1867, reads:


“POLYTECHNIC EXHIBITION. – As will be noticed from advertisement, this institution, in its present

form, closes in a few weeks. In order, however, that the working class population of the city and

neighbourhood may have no difficulty in visiting the galleries, the managers have arranged to reduce the

evening admission to threepence. On Saturday every corner of the building was crowded, hundreds

being unable to obtain admission to the Concert Hall. The artistes were Madam Haigh, Mr. J. S. Palmyre,

and Mr. J. B. Clark. The exhibition of dissolving views, with a set of brilliant chromatropes, was also

given to a highly appreciative audience.”


(A chromatrope is a type of magic lantern slide that produces dazzling, colourful geometric patterns

set in motion by rotating two painted glass discs in opposite directions, originally with a double pulley

mechanism but later usually with a rackwork mechanism.)


The advertisement referred to in the article, is on the front page of the Herald.