‘Popular Amusements’, December 1851, and January and February, 1852: Mr. Julian Adams

In the ‘Popular Amusements’ column on page five of The Glasgow Herald, on Friday the 7th of November, 1851, is

the following:


Mr. Julian Adams. – By an advertisement in this morning’s paper, it will be seen that Mr. Adams is to give a

set of concerts on a most liberal and extensive scale this season. Performers of the first class are already engaged,

and others of equal celebrity, both vocal and insturmental, are promised. The whole management has been

intrusted to Mr. John Muir Wood, whose name is to the Glasgow Public a guarantee. We augur well of these

concerts; and as the subscription list is now almost, if not altogether filled with the names of our most eminent

citizens, they will be amongst the most fashionable of popular amusements during the winter.”


The advertisement is on the paper’s front page.