‘Popular Amusements’, November 1851: Miss Christina Dawson’s Concert

In the ‘Popular Amusements’ column, on page five of The Glasgow Herald, on Friday the 21st of November, 1851,

is the following:


Miss Christina Dawson’s Concert. – We have much pleasure in again reminding our readers that Miss Dawson’s

concert is to take place on Tuesday first, as will be seen by an advertisement in this morning’s paper. Her recent

appearance in Aberdeen has fully satisfied her friends that her future triumphs are all but certain. Our own opinion

is that she must now take rank in the first class of English vocalists. The laborious course of study she has undergone,

and the earnest attention she has paid to the careful lessons of her various masters in London during the past year,

have gained for Miss Dawson their unanimous approval, and we may mention that she was a favourite, and frequently

applauded, pupil of Signor Garcia, who is well known as the master to whom Viardot Garcia, Miss Hayes, Jenny Lind,

and many others of the first female vocalists of this age are indebted for their most valuable instructions. Our space

forbids that we should say more at present, but as the gentlemen, who are to perform at Miss Dawson’s concert, are

worthy of particular notice, we will have something to say regarding them on Monday.”



George Fairfull-Smith, August 2021.