Reconstruction of the Royal Infirmary: The Organ Recital Scheme, February 1898

An advertisement on page six of The Glasgow Herald, on Thursday the 24th of February 1898, and a short notice on the same page, provide interesting details of a very important project. The notice reads:


“The arrangements for the series of organ recitals in the St Andrew’s Halls in aid of Lord Provost Richmond’s fund for the reconstruction of the Royal Infirmary have now been completed. For the first of the series, which takes place on the evening of Monday next, the promoters have been fortunate in securing the services of Dr Peace, of Liverpool, who will no doubt receive a cordial welcome from his numerous friends on this the first professional visit he has paid to the city, where for so many years he enjoyed so large a measure of popularity. On this occasion he will have the support of the Glasgow Choral Union – the soloist being Miss Jenny Taggart. The other artists engaged for later recitals are – Mr H. L. Balfour, of the Albert Hall, London, with whom will be Mr Maurice Sons, the leader of the Scottish Orchestra, and Mr Atherton Smith, vocalist; Mr Alfred Hollins, of St George’s Free Church, with the Glasgow Select Choir, and Mr Herbert G. Walton, of Glasgow Cathedral, with the Ladies’ Choir of the Athenaeum School of Music. The recitals will be given on successive Monday evenings, and, to say nothing of the highly laudable object for which they are given, the excellence of the entertainments to be provided should be sufficient to ensure the success of the scheme. Tickets are on sale for the series of recitals, but no doubt arrangements will also be made to suit the convenience of those who are unable to be present at the whole of the entertainments.”


Tickets, which ranged in price from 2 shillings-and-sixpence, to sixpence, and one shilling, were available at Messrs Paterson, Sons & Co.