Saturday Evening Concerts in the City Hall, on the 5th of January, 1861: Miss Helen Kirk

Note: the paper in the microfilm was creased, so some of the text is not visible


An article on page four of The Glasgow Herald, on Friday the 4th of January, 1861, reads:


SATURDAY EVENING CONCERTS. – MISS HELEN KIRK. – We have much pleasure in directing

the attention of our readers to […] advertisement announcing that Miss Helen Kirk is to make her

debut at the concert in the City Hall to-morrow (Saturday) evening. During the past two years, this

young lady (who, so to speak, has been adopted by our enterprising and philanthropic friends of the

Abstainers’ Union) has been under the tuition of Mr. Lambeth – and she could not have been in better

hands. The progress which she has made under her able and amiable tutor has been most satisfactory;

and the result is that she possesses an alto organ, which, in respect of richness in tone and high

cultivation, may vie with most of those of popular singers. From frequent opportunities of judging, which

we have had the pleasure of enjoying, we esteem Miss Kirk no ordinary vocalist; and while, therefore, we

make the announcement of her first public appearance with high gratification, we also look upon it in a

prospective point of view, and hope much for her future success. We trust that a crowded audience

will assemble to give a hearty welcome to the fair debutante.”


An advertisement on the front page of the same issue of the Herald refers to her being under the charge

of the Directors of the Abstainers’ Union for two years, receiving daily lessons from Mr. Lambeth, the

City Organist.