Scottish Music: Mr. McGill (Macgill), at the Victoria Hall, Buchanan Street, October 1855

From page five of The Glasgow Herald, on Monday the 15th of October, 1855:


Scottish Music.- The admirers of our national music will be happy to learn Mr. McGill, at the request of a number of his frends [sic], consented to give one of his most interesting entertainments on Thursday first, in the Victoria Hall, Buchanan Street. On that evening Mr. McGill will re-deliver, with additions, his much admired lecture, introducing many of the choicest of our national songs. We may add that those who have not heard Mr. McGill ought to avail themselves of the present opportunity, because he is one of the very few gentlemen who can sing a Scottish song or ballad as Scotchmen like to hear them.”


An advertisement is on the front page of the same edition of the Herald, and includes: “ILLUSTRATIONS of SONGS, chiefly Scottish. Thursday, 18th October, 1855. As per numerously circulated Programme.”


On Monday the 22nd of October, the Herald has a short notice, on page five, where there is a different spelling of the performer’s name:


Mr. Macgill’s Illustrations.- On the evening of Thursday last, Mr. Francis Macgill gave an illustrated vocal entertainment in the Victoria Hall, to a fashionable, delighted, and crowded audience. In the course of the evening he sung in seven different languages, though the second part was entirely Scottish. His historic and descriptive lore was almost equal to his vocal merit, and this is saying a great deal. At the close, a vote of thanks was cordially given to Mr. Macgill, on the motion of one of our eminent citizens.”