Second Musical Evening at the Water-Colour Exhibition, 14th of December, 1896

On page six of The Glasgow Herald, on Tuesday the 15th of December 1896, it was reported that the second of the musical evenings arranged by the R.S.W., at the Institute Galleries, was held on the 14th. The attendance was larger than the previous Wednesday’s event, “showing that the public are beginning to appreciate the efforts made by the committee.”


For Monday evening, the music was under the direction of Mr. F. E. R. Senior, F.R.C.O. (Fellow of the Royal College of Organists), and the paper noted that the:


“principal event of the evening was the harpsichord solo by Mr Senior, which was received with full appreciation of its old-world sweetness. Amongst those who gave their services were Miss Nora Wainwright, who sung gracefully to the accompaniment of the harpsichord, and Mr Daly, whose violin solos were characterised by his usual refined technique. Mr Spence’s rendering of ‘The Wolf’ was much admired.”