Signora Montenegro at Glasgow’s City Hall, November 1849

The city’s “lovers of good music” were informed through the “Popular Amusements” column and an advertisement in The Glasgow Herald, on pages two and three of the Friday the 9th of November edition, that:


“Signora Montenegro and the party of artistes who lately gave a series of operatic performances at the Dunlop Street Theatre, are to give a Concert in the City Hall, on Monday first. From the high talent of Signora Montenegro and the company, we feel assured that a treat of no ordinary kind is in store. The subjects selected are belonging to the best and most esteemed class of musical works. We hope that the Hall may be crowded on Monday evening.”


The Grand Concert, with the “Well-Known Italian Opera Company,” was under the patronage of the Hon. Sheriff Archibald Alison. On Monday the 12th, the Herald reminded its readers, through a short notice on page two, about the concert, and was “glad to see from the programme, that the subjects selected are chiefly those which were encored during the series of operatic performances given by the same party at Dunlop Street Theatre.” Some of the musical details are included in the notice.