The Fourth Annual Dairymen’s Soiree, in the Queen’s Rooms, on Thursday the 2nd of February, 1865

A short article on page four of The Glasgow Herald, on Friday the 3rd of February, 1865, reads:


“DAIRYMEN’S SOIREE. – The fourth annual soiree of the dairymen of Glasgow was held last night in the large hall of the

Queen’s Rooms. There was a crowded attendance, the meeting being presided over by Mr. Peter Dickson. After tea, the

Chairman delivered an address, which was received with general favour. The musical portion of the programme was

judiciously arranged and well sustained. The professional vocalists were Miss Bessie Aitken (a pleasing Scottish singer), Miss

Oswald, Mr. Locke, and Mr. Harry Clifton. During the evening some mirth-provoking stories were also given by Miss Selby.

Mr. Colgan presided at the piano-forte. The soiree was succeeded by an assembly.”