The Glasgow Orpheus Choir and One of its Precursors: The Orpheus Choir

The world-renowned Glasgow Orpheus Choir was founded in 1906, by Hugh S. Roberton. It evolved from the Toynbee House Choir, and became one of the most successful of its type. Broadcasts on the B.B.C. introduced it to global audience, and vinyl recordings of some of the most popular renditons of Scottish folk songs, and other works, guaranteed that the unique sound would never be lost. Fortunately, many of these have been transferred to compact disc, and are available, along with the vinyl records, from a wide range of sellers.


A search of The Glasgow Herald has revealed an “Orpheus Choir” which was formed in the city in the nineteenth century. Advertisements, articles and reviews, help to create some account of its existence, performances, success, and critical reception. Details will be found on the site, and added to, as soon as possible.


George Fairfull-Smith

1st of August, 2021