The Golden Age of Sauchiehall Street: February 1914 – Concert by Miss Boyd Steven’s Ladies’ Choir, with Miss Jenny Cullen, Violinist, in the McLellan Galleries, on Thursday the 5th

An advertisement for the concert is on page eight of The Glasgow Herald, on Wednesday the 4th of February, 1914. There is a review on

page five of the Herald, on Friday the 6th, which reads:





A good audience was drawn last night to the concert given by Miss Boyd Steven’s Ladies’ Choir in the Glasgow McLellan Galleries. Miss

Steven’s choir is not very large, and its members are mostly young, but intelligent training is often more important than material, and

Miss Steven has taught her choir to sing with good tone and expression. Among the more ambitious things attempted last night were

Stanford’s ‘Heraclitus’ and Brahms’s ‘The Death of Trenar.’ If the performance of the latter was not altogether perfect, it showed at least

that the choir was travelling in the right direction. Miss Steven has evidently an appreciation of the higher qualities of interpretation. The

programme contained also some pretentious arrangements of English and Scotch songs by Fletcher and pieces by Este (? name hard to

read), Schumann, Coleridge-Taylor, Bantock, Brahms, MacDowell, and others. Songs by members of the choir were much appreciated;

and there were some artistically played violin solos from Miss Jenny Cullen. The accompanist was Miss Annie Mackinlay.”



George Fairfull-Smith, October 2022.