The Golden Age of Sauchiehall Street: November 1918 – “The ‘Pianola’ Piano shortens the winter evenings” – Sole Agents, Ewing and McIntosh, 331 Sauchiehall Street

An illustrated advertisement on page seven of The Glasgow Herald, on Tuesday the 19th of November, 1918, includes

the following:


“Everyone who possesses a ‘Pianola’ Piano will tell you that the fascination of playing makes

bed-time come too soon; there are such vast fields of music to be explored, and such illimitable

possibilities of expressing your thoughts and emotions through the wonderful devices provided.

The ‘Pianola’ Piano offers the most engaging of recreations, relieves the mind from the most

depressing thoughts that beset it during the day, and fills the home with cheerfulness.

The fact that the present war-winters seem longer and more gloomy makes a ‘Pianola’ Piano more

than ordinarily desirable.


The Weber ‘Pianola’ Piano (British Made) is obtainable in innumerable models at varying prices.

All may be inspected and played in our showrooms where we are able to offer you exactly the

same advantages in choice, price and purchase terms that are obtainable at the London showrooms 

of the manufacturers.



George Fairfull-Smith, October 2022.