The Jubilee Singers of America: Glasgow, October 1873

Please note before reading the article below, that it contains words and terms, in common use in the nineteenth century, which may offend

the reader.


A short article on page four of The Glasgow Herald, on Monday the 29th of September, 1873, reads:


“THE JUBILEE SINGERS OF AMERICA. – Our readers will observe, from advertisement, that these performers,

for whose introduction into Scotland the public are indebted to Mr John Burns, are to give a select service of

song in the City Hall on Friday evening next – the Lord Provost in the chair. Their object in visiting this country

is to endeavour to raise, by means of such concerts, a balance of about £6000, towards the founding of a college

in Nashville for the education of coloured people, and they have already made some progress in England, where

they have been received with marked approbation. Apart from their music, which of itself forms a rare

attraction, the character of their mission is such as commends itself, and deserves a bumper house in Glasgow.”



George Fairfull-Smith, August 2021.