Two Amateur Performances of the “Light Egyptian Opera, SNEFERU THE SECOND”, under the Patronage of the Duchess of Montrose, and in Aid of Funds for the Royal Hospital for Sick Children and its Dispensary, at the Queen’s Rooms, on the 6th and 8th of January, 1898

An advertisement on page four of The Glasgow Herald, on Monday the third of January, 1898, informed readers about the two performances. The one on Thursday the 6th was at 8 pm; and the Saturday the 8th one was at 2.30 pm. Tickets for the Area and Balcony were five shillings; and two-shillings-and-sixpence for the Back Gallery. Application for them was to be made to C. D. Gairdner, 115 St. Vincent Street, Glasgow.


In the 1897-98 Post Office Glasgow Directory, the reader looking for entries under ‘Gairdner’ is redirected to Gardner, and, on page 217, is: C. D. Gairdner, C.A., (of McClelland, Mackinnon, & Co.), house 5 Belhaven Crescent, Kelvinside. On page 843 of the same publication, under Streets, McClelland, MacKinnon, & Co. is listed as chartered accountants, at 115 St. Vincent Street. It is interesting to note the spelling differences in one the firm’s names in the two entries.


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